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4 min read
What facts do you assess in an international legal project?
In my last post here , I outlined the steps I take when managing an international legal project. This follow-up question was both popular and insightful, so I'll attempt to answer. First, it's worth noting that there are many types of international legal projects from expansion projects (e.g. branches or subsidiaries in a new jurisdiction), acquisitions and joint ventures, ...
Author avatarSheerin KaliaJul 4, 2024

6 min read
From Team Member to Team Leader
In my early twenties (a long time ago!) I was promoted to being the manager of a small Jewellery store with 5 staff. I was proud to be given the promotion but I was also terrified as I’d never managed anyone (or anything for that matter) in my life. The company was relatively small so any training was completely out of the question – it wasn’t on ...
Author avatarAbbeydale Training LtdJul 4, 2024

4 min read
What steps do you take when managing an international legal project?
I'm often asked this question so I'll attempt to provide a high-level roadmap. My first step is to use the FIRAC method to organize my work. I identify the facts , spot the legal issues , research the legal rules that apply to the project, analyze the facts and draw conclusions about the legal risk and possible mitigation strategies. This is an iterative process, ...
Author avatarSheerin KaliaJun 16, 2024

4 min read
Mastering Humanistic Conflict Management: A Path to Ethical and Compassionate Resolution
In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, conflicts are inevitable. Whether they arise in the workplace, within communities, or even in our personal lives, how we manage and resolve them speaks volumes about our character and professionalism. Enter the realm of Humanistic Conflict Management – an empowering journey that equips you with the tools to navigate ...
Author avatarJennifer HancockJun 16, 2024

9 min read
Collaborative Workplace Cultures are Humanistic Workplace Cultures
I had the pleasure of speaking with Harit Nagpal the other day. I host through the International Humanistic Management Association. I was very excited to have him on as he's one of those wonderful people who just - gets it. His presentation is now available as an online certified course here at Learn Formula: ...
Author avatarJennifer HancockMay 13, 2024

Problems, Problems, Problems
Have you ever faced a complex problem, one that made your head spin because it did not appear to have any solution? The frustration and stress that accompanies such challenges can be overwhelming. The common tendency is to shy away from these types of situations, hoping they'll magically disappear. Unfortunately, this avoidance only leads to recurring issues that can snowball ...
Author avatarArun MathurMar 29, 2024

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